For rapid target acquisition with parallax fee viewing, nothing is faster on target than the Sig ROMEO4S.

Featuring a hard anodized aircraft aluminum chassis, the Sig ROMEO4S pairs state of the art electronics with high quality coated glass to achieve excellent light throughput, a bright 2 MOA red dot, and minimal light dispersion.

The Sig MOTAC (motion sensing technology) turns the scope off after periods of inactivity and instantly springs to life when motion is sensed. Coupled with high tech power management and a solar panel that powers the optic when there is ample light, the battery life on the ROMEO4S is a staggering 100,000 hours out of a single CR2032 button battery.

The lenses are coated to resist dust, scratching, fog, water, and smudges. To further protect the lenses, the ROMEO4S comes with see-through removable flip up dust covers, as well as a bikini cover.

The quick attach mount lets the ROMEO4S be quickly removed and reattached without losing zero and without needing tools.

The reticle has four modes, a single 2 MOA red dot, a 2 MOA red dot with two hold over dots, a 65 MOA Circleplex reticle with hash marks, or a 65 MOA Circleplex Reticle with holdover dots. Each mode comes with 12 brightness settings, 10 naked-eye visible and two for use with night vision. It also has over 100 MOA of elevation and windage adjustment. IPX-7 waterproofing protects the delicate electronics from a quick downpour.

For engagement of targets at greater distance, pair the ROMEO4S with JULIET4 for 4-times magnification. The Spectracoated glass will provide clear viewing of targets and the Dialectic coated prism displays the maximum amount of light to ensure crystal clear viewing.

The JULIET4 comes with a 90 degree PowerCam hinge to lock into position and fold out of the way when not in use without bouncing around. A quick release mount lets the JULIET4 be removed completely and quickly reattached so it is only present when you need magnification.

Combined, the JULIET4 gives you better control of the entire battlespace while the ROMEO4S provides rapid engagement at CQB distances. As a team, ROMEO and JULIET work together to provide greater flexibility whether you are engaging hogs on the run or clearing your domicile after hearing a noise in the dark. The ROMEO4S’ long battery life and MOTAC will ensure that it is ready when you need it.

And should something ever go wrong, they are both covered by the SIG Optics Infinite Guarantee and 5 year Electronics Warranty, so you now you can depend on them to perform, even in the harshest conditions.

Together, Romeo and the Juliet are a deadly combination for hogs. Check out the ROMEO4S and the JULIET4 at your local Sportsman’s Warehouse optics counter.