Excellent glass with intelligent design is the hallmark of the devices from Sig Electro-Optics. The WHISKEY5 is no exception.

An excellent second focal plane long distance scope in 5-25 by 52mm, the WHISKEY5 also incorporates an anti-tilt indicator to improve accuracy.

While many shooters know how to set their zero and DOPE their scope for deadly accuracy, there are some who don’t realize that the slightest bit of cant of the scope can cause degradation of accuracy or even cause a complete miss, especially at extremely long range. The Sig WHISKEY5 features LevelPlex Digital Anti-Cant Technology with lighted arrows on the right and left of the scope to indicate direction of adjustment to remove any tilt and get the scope dead level. You can select three brightness settings for the LevelPlex indicators or turn them off completely. They can also be adjusted for sensitivity by simply pressing the setup button under the Sig logo on the left side of the gun on the battery cover. An adjustable brightness .25-MOA fiber optic red dot quickly illuminates the center of your crosshairs and both work off of a single CR2032 button battery.

Designed for extreme long range hunting on a traditional rifle or for use on a modern sporting rifle to extend your reach, the WHISKEY5 provides great optical performance in a variety of terrains. The HDX provides Extra low-dispersion, high definition glass with High Transmission lenses to achieve stellar optical clarity, brightness, and color fidelity and the glass is Spectracoated to resist smudging, fog, water, and dust.

The 30mm anodized aluminum tube will stand up to rugged abuse, but should something go wrong, the WHISKEY5 is covered by the Sig Infinite Guarantee and 5-year Electronics Warranty.

The scope comes with either the HellFire Quadplex reticle or the Triplex reticle and is calibrated in mRAD. The adjustments are set in 0.1 mils per click. The WHISKEY5 is also available with the new illuminated glass-etched MOA Milling Hunter Reticle for those that prefer a more tactical hold over style long range hunting reticle.

All WHISKEY riflescopes are capable of using a customized Sig Ballistic Turret (SBT). Once you provide the required information (caliber, muzzle velocity, bullet/BC, atmospheric information, etc.) SIG can create a custom dial matched specifically to your rifle and cartridge. This dial will take the guess work out of adjusting your riflescope for long range engagements.

An adjustable zero stop and resettable zero prevents your scope from getting knocked out of alignment. A simple push of the button on the elevation turret lets you rotate your scope past the locked zero stop.

The WHISKEY5 has +/- 48 MOA of adjustment as well as parallax adjustment from 15 meters out to infinity. The side parallax focus ring is right underneath the illumination brightness dial, so everything is located in places that make sense for rapid engagement. Because it has a true optical 5X SuperZoom, you know that you have more versatility of your scope, from wider field of view at 5 power all the way to precision pinpoint accuracy at 25 power.

The WHISKEY5 is available in multiple configurations, some without the LevelPlex. They are found in 1-5x20 and 2-10x42 without the LevelPlex, and 2.4-12x56, 3-15x44, and 3-15x52, as well as the 5-25x52 with the LevelPlex.

Take a look through the Sig WHISKEY5 riflescopes the next time you visit your local Sportsman’s Warehouse.