By Shane Chuning

Who would of thought, back in 1853, that three guys looking to start a successful wagon factory, above the Rhine Falls in Switzerland, would have such a successful business in the firearm Industry today. The name Sig Sauer definitely stands out in the industry for quality, dependability and reliability. This same ingenuity is getting propelled into the optics market and looks to be a real winner.

For this test run we are mounting the Sig Sauer Tango4 on an AR platform in the .308 caliber. The Tango4 with a 4:1 zoom first-focal plane design with illuminated glass reticles, 30 mm tube and the revolutionary LockDown Zero System turrets, make it an ideal choice for tactical engagements, designated marksmen and hunters looking to improve on their down range accuracy.

The Sig Ballistic Turret is a custom laser-etched turret that is matched to your specific specs to keep you dialed in at all down-range distances and is offered in most of the Tango and Whiskey model scopes.

SpectraCoat is a highly efficient, ultra-wide broadband and anti-reflection lens coating that reduces surface reflections to extremely low levels across the entire visible spectrum, providing superior light transmission. This gives you extreme comfort when looking through your scope during those long days at the range.

Whether you’re a tactical shooter or a hunter packing in the backcountry, Sig Sauer Lens Armor gives your optics an abrasion-resistant lens coating for extreme durability, ensuring the lenses on your scope will stay sharp, bright and clear.

Sig Sauer Tango4 has a system they refer to as MOTAC. This is activated through motion sensing technology. MOTAC immediately powers-up illumination when it senses motion and powers down when motion is not present. This will definitely extend your battery life. Another cool feature is the extra storage space for an extra battery, so you will never be left stranded without illumination.

With the Sig Sauer Infinite Guarantee, the Sig Sauer Electo-Optics are guaranteed forever. With an unlimited lifetime guarantee that is fully transferable and does not need a warranty card, nor does it need a receipt, no time limit applies and at no cost, this is one package that is tough to beat.

As Sig Sauer makes this leap into the optics market, I am quite sure this is a long thought out plan to gain a fairly large following in the years to come.