For medium to long range tactical engagements or hunting game with a modern sporting rifle or a bolt action gun, the Sig TANGO6 provides innovative features, high end glass, and a wide range of adjustment to get you on target.

Featuring an anodized aircraft aluminum 34mm main tube, the TANGO6 provides excellent light gathering and image optimization. The HDX lenses feature High Definition (ED) and High Transmission (HT) glass for the truest of resolutions and light transmission with unbeatable optical clarity. LENSARMOR and LENSHIELD coatings protect your lenses and keep them from streaking, smudging, or scratching. Additionally, the lenses are fog free and shed gunk to keep your image sharp.

The TANGO6 comes with both an illuminated reticle and the Sig LevelPlex technology. A pair of arrows, one on the left and one on the right, let you know when you are canting the rifle beyond 0.5 degrees, which can cause you to miss your shot. The Hellfire Reticle in either MRAD Milling, MOA Milling, Tri-Plex, or Dev-L MOA, makes sure you can clearly see your crosshairs in any level of light. It comes in 9 levels visible to the naked eye and two that are visible to night vision. The power adjustment ring features an elevated dial framed with a pair of fiber optic indicators so you can quickly see where your dial is set without coming off the scope.

All of the TANGO6 riflescopes run off of a single CR2032 battery and have MOTAC to power down when motionless, but spring back to life when raised to the eye to save battery life.

All of the TANGO6 configurations come with a free Sig Ballistic Turret. Simply provide Sig with your ballistic data, and they will custom laser engrave a turret for your scope and load combination.

Each TANGO6 comes with 120 clicks of adjustment per rotation of the turret. The turrets will rotate a full three times, and feature a user-adjustable turret stop. This gives each scope 12 MRAD or 30 MOA of adjustment per rotation.

The TANGO6 is available in five different 6-power configurations, 1-6x24 in first or second focal plane and 3-18x44, 4-24x50 and 5-30x56 in first focal plane and your choice of reticles.

While this scope can be used on both bolt guns and semi-automatics, it really shines on a modern sporting rifle. We tested it on a custom Hogan AR-10 and it performed better than the shooter.

In addition to being IPX7 waterproof rated, and completely sealed to keep out moisture and thermal shock condensation, the Sig TANGO6 comes with Sig’s Infinite Warranty that means no questions asked repair or replacement for the life of the scope, no matter who owns it, when they bought it, and without product registration or receipt. If it breaks, Sig stands behind it; period. Click on the QR Code to see the full video review of the Sig TANGO6 Tactical Rifle Scope.