The fast paced life of today has folks buried in their smart phones, iPads, or other electronic devices a good majority of the day. Our children have a tendency to communicate with their friends sitting across the room with these devices instead of good old fashioned conversation and just look around a restaurant the next time you eat out and you will see couples spend as much time looking at their devices as they do talking to each other.

So, unplugging from this type of life and recharging your battery is a must. It is extremely healthy and a great way to enjoy your spouse, children, friends, or just the great outdoors. Going to remote places where these types of devices don’t work guarantees you will get to enjoy the experience and company of your guests. However, the ones that are left behind have a tendency to worry when their electronic lifeline is cut so abruptly or in the event an emergency arises, you still need to be able to get help.

The SPOT GEN3 is an ideal piece of equipment to bridge this gap. It is a small and compact satellite driven communication unit which allows you to check in with family and friends with the push of a button to let them know that you are okay. There is also an S.O.S. button which sends out an emergency response which is routed directly to GEOS International Emergency Response Center. GEOS notifies the appropriate emergency responders to your situation and notifies them of your location. This S.O.S. button is a great insurance policy knowing it has already delivered 2600 worldwide rescues and still counting. There is a help button which sends a predetermined message to a selected email list which is ideal for non-life threatening situations. Tracking allows people to follow your trip as it progresses through the continuous custom motion tracking. This can be setup to track your location every 2.5,5,10, 30 or 60 minutes based on the level of service you subscribe to. These five buttons will provide you all the communication you need to the outside world during your backcountry visit.

The device is powered by 4 AAA Energizer Lithium Ultimate 8X batteries or 4 AAA Energizer NiMH rechargeable batteries, or line power through a 5v USB connection.

Since it is satellite driven, it functions nearly everywhere. It is rugged, lightweight and IPX7 waterproof rated which means a rainstorm or a quick dunk in the river won’t render the unit useless. The five individual functions can be executed with the push of a button and nothing more. All you need is a fairly clear view to the sky.

The unit is very basic and easy for nearly everyone to setup and understand. It is a great piece of insurance for those of you that like to hit the backcountry where cellular service isn’t an option. Service packages for each unit must be set up through