Known for their quality yet inexpensive sporting shotguns, Stoeger firearms has released their first striker-fired polymer pistol. Chambered in 9mm, the STR-9 provides excellent ergonomics with the proven reliability of the striker-fired design at an excellent value.

Featuring the same 22 degrees off square grip angle of other striker fired pistols on the market, the STR incorporates an aggressive texturing into the grip surfaces for positive control with gloves or when wet. Wider finger grooves on the grip face suggest finger placement rather than lock your fingers into position, which is a great approach for those with larger hands. A wider trigger guard undercut doesn’t rub your finger causing blisters or calluses.

The aggressive texture continues to the slide, with some of the most aggressive slide cuts I have seen on a pistol, and they angle forward to provide even more engagement when pushing the slide against the force of the recoil spring. A 4-inch barrel provides the perfect balance of optimal velocities and concealability.

The manual of arms for the STR is familiar to anyone who has operated a striker-fired pistol and is easy to learn for those unfamiliar with the popular style. The internals are also familiar, but also include a solid steel full length guide rod capturing a stout flat recoil spring.

Other features include solid three-dot steel driftable sights, with a flat face on the rear sight for one-handed cocking, making aiming easier and you won’t fear shearing them off.

A reversible oversized magazine release is optimally placed for easy activation. A loaded chamber indicator lets you easily identify whether the gun is loaded. Take-down is easy and familiar, but does require the trigger to be pulled to disassemble. An accessory rail on the dust cover is channeled for a larger variety of accessories, lights, and lasers.

The gun shoots very well, and handled every type of standard power and +P ammunition we fed it without a single malfunction and it proved to be a reliable, well-performing pistol.

The trigger is a standard double-blade curved trigger that was breaking at an average of around 8 pounds, which is pretty standard for self-defense pistols. The trigger guard is roomy enough to accommodate even bulky gloves.

Our model came with a single magazine, but a version is also available with three magazines and a set of three interchangeable backstraps to adjust the grip size.

Check them out for yourself at the Sportsman’s Warehouse gun counter. It is an unbeatable value, performs well, and is extremely comfortable to shoot.