Long range shooting is definitely more than just a fad. Whether punching paper, banging steel or putting the crosshairs on that trophy of a lifetime, you must see the target before you can successfully connect when we are talking about long range. Making the correct adjustments to elevation and windage are extremely precise when you are talking about taking a shot at 800 plus yards. Being off by a couple of inches at 100 yards isn’t a big deal, but that same error at 800 yards will put you 16” off target and be a miss or possibly result in a wounded animal.

The X5(i) Riflescope by Swarovski is a precision piece of equipment with the long-range shooter in mind. It is built on an extremely rugged platform and with a 30 mm tube. Tracking on your adjustments for long ranges are crucial. When you adjust for one inch of movement, you must get one inch of movement - no more and no less. The spring retention and lever system in the X5(i) insures that you get the same pressure on both the elevation and the windage turrets to provide you with unparalleled tracking. The 116 MOA of vertical adjustment will provide more than enough elevation adjustment to get you on target well past 1000 yards for most calibers. The scope has a 5X magnification range and comes in several different models.

The 3.5-18X50 and 5-25X56 which both have 1/4 MOA adjustments for windage and elevation. There is also the 5-25X56, which comes in a 1/8 MOA adjustments. There are multiple reticle options to choose from and both illuminated as well as non-illuminated options of each. The illuminated versions have 10 different brightness levels to choose from with a quick push of a button. The magnification adjustment ring is oversized and extremely smooth to operate, even with heavy gloves.

Our test model scope is the 3-18X50 and tips the scale at 28.6 ounces. It is fairly compact at 14.4” in total length and packs a whopping 91% light transmission. This precision piece of long range shooting equipment is just what you would expect from a company like Swarovski. See the full video of our testing on this long range scope at the above QR code link.