In both the law enforcement/tactical world and the hunting world, the need for a category of optics for closer range engagement has become something scope makers are considering more frequently. This category of Low Power Variable Optic (LVPO) scopes provides the ability to engage targets at extremely close ranges as well as reach out to distances of around 700 meters. This category is an excellent fit for Modern Sporting Rifles in AR platforms as well as big bore bolt guns that deliver a lot of energy at short range.

The newest entry into the LPVO category is the Vortex Viper Gen II 1-6x24. Featuring improved optical clarity over the first generation, the better glass provides excellent twilight clarity to provide better target identification in the early morning and late evening. The glass is coated with a blend of optical enhancing materials to improve clarity and repel dust and gunk, as well as hardeners to protect against scratching. Gas purging keeps out the nasties that can penetrate your scope and ruin your view.

The Viper PST Gen II in the 1-6 power configuration features a phenomenal edge to edge eyebox that gives you a wider field of view, as well as true single-power magnification on the lowest end of its zoom range. This makes it an ideal fit for a muzzle loader as well as traditional centerfire rifles.

Nestled inside the hashmark-based VMR-2 MOA reticle (MRAD available as well), with subtensions calibrated for 6-power, is the ability to engage a crisp, daylight-bright illuminated red dot. Extreme versatility in a compact package, the Viper PST Gen II 1-6x24 provides rapid target engagement that’s ideal for use on a patrol rifle, as well as greater magnification to engage targets farther out. The illumined red dot can be adjusted to 10 varying levels of brightness, and there are off positions situated in between each brightness setting, so it is just a single click to activate a preferred setting or shut it off.

Low-profile capped turrets are extremely sleek and proved coverage for the robust, underlying adjustment system. Turrets adjust at a half MOA per click.

From Law enforcement applications and home defense, to competition and general shooting, the high-level functionality and practicality of the Viper PST Gen II 1-6x24 cannot be denied. And like all Vortex Products, it is fully covered by their VIP Warrantee. In the unlikely event something does happen to the optic, you are covered - no questions asked. Watch the video to see this awesome scope in action.