The Conquest V4 is in the mid-level pricing of the Zeiss scope family, but there is nothing mid-level about this 4-times magnification scope. The 90 percent light transmission will have you clearly seeing targets well past the time when it is legal to shoot. It come in numerous different models as well as reticle options to accommodate every field and tactical situation one could ever imagine.

Each scope has a 30mm tube and .25 MOA click values except for the 1-4X24 which is .50 MOA. They are all set with a second focal plane which means that your reticle stays the same size throughout the magnification process. The second focal plane is desired by many long-range shooters due to the fact that the subtensions don’t cover up more of the target in those long -range shooting situations. The 1-4X24 is a great tactical as well as dangerous game type of scope. It has a capped windage knob and either a capped or exposed elevation turret. The ZQAR reticle is one option on this scope which is considered an intelligent reticle design. The hashmarks in the scope are designed around the ballistics of the .223 Remington and .308 Winchester. They provide for easy target acquisition as well as accurate results with these specific calibers. The 3-12X56 is a great everyday scope where extreme long ranges aren’t the focus. It comes with both capped windage and elevation knobs. The 4-16X44 is one of the most popular configurations for field use. The 4-power is excellent for extremely close-up shots in the trees, but the 16-power will bring those thousand yard targets up close and personal for precise shooting. It comes with external elevation turrets which makes for adjusting for that specific yardage quick and easy. When you return back to zero, the Zeiss ballistic stop ensures an absolute and positive return to zero. This zero stop is on all exposed turret option scopes. For the extreme long-range shooter, the 6-24X50 is going to be the go to scope. For the majority of your western hunting situations, the lower end side of the spectrum being the 6-power is going to give you good field of view for those snap shots when you jump a buck or bull out of his bed and he is 25 yards from you. However, when you are setup and waiting for that 600 yard shot, you have the ability to see everything between you and the animal as well as put the crosshairs on the target when you are ready. The ability to have multiple revolutions of the turret gives you the ability to get out well past 1000 yards.