It was getting dark as I slammed the pack down over a rock, sweat pouring over my brow as the buck I had just spooked was quickly making its getaway at 500-plus yards. I cranked the Conquest V6 5-30X50 to 25-power and rested the crosshairs a few feet in front of the traveling shoulder and touched off. The muzzle blast lit up the twilight and from far, far away, the impact was obvious.

It was true, I had let that buck wind me and it was a rookie move, but choosing the Conquest V6 5-30X50 was the move of a veteran, a move that when my flashlight caught antler shine of the downed buck, I could only smile.

I pride myself in being a good hunter and the fact is, I blew that stalk. But let’s be honest, part of being a good hunter is making the right gear choice in the off season to minimize the damage of those in-the-field mistakes.

The right choice allowed for one of my favorite personal historic moments, a personal moment born from the historic genius of one such legendary man, Carl Zeiss. He moved on in 1888, but not until after revolutionizing the world of optics and leaving a path for the greats to keep the spirit of Zeiss Optics alive in today.

The Conquest uses FL lens and T* Coatings to allow for 92% light transmission, a feature which allowed me to make that low-light, 500-plus yard shot. Zeiss uses Schott glass to manufacture their binoculars and a fun fact is that all shares of Schott glass are owned by the Carl Zeiss Foundation. You might, if you are interested, do a little research to look up how many other companies use the same glass to make their high-end optics.

The Conquest comes in three models: 1-6x24, 3-18X50 and 5-30X50. The 1-6X24 is the only scope that has the fine illuminated, .05cm (at 100 meters) red dot, which is automatically deactivated when you put the rifle down, so there is never a worry of it staying on and depleting the battery life. This 1-6X24 is the perfect scope for close-quarter encounters, in low light.

The 30mm 1-6 and the 3-18 have a 103-MOA of elevation adjustment and the 5-30 has a 64-MOA adjustment. I find the 1-5-30X50 to be my choice for western big game hunting because of the long-range opportunity it creates. All models are fitted with a large eyebox for run and gun, high speed, long-range or short-range target acquisition. The Conquest can only make you better at making your own personal history. Stop by your local Sportsman’s Warehouse and check out this streamlined, distance killing, work of art.