The V6 scope by Zeiss, in the Conquest line of scopes, utilizes Flouride lenses with T* lens coating to achieve an unbelievable 92% light transmission. This scope is excellent in its’ low light performance, but it doesn’t stop there - it excels in all aspects of testing.

Made in Germany and designed on a 30mm tube, which gives this scope a tremendous amount of travel for elevation and windage, the 3-18X50 model gives you a whopping 103 minutes of vertical and 58 minutes of horizontal adjustment. Just to give you an example of how much adjustment that is, one of our .26 Nosler test rifle utilizes 15 minutes of adjustment out to the first 1000 yards. The higher magnification model, which is the 5-30X50, delivers 62 minutes of vertical adjustment and 34 on windage.

The six-time variable magnification range on this line of scopes allows you to have a scope that is ideal for timber and close quarters and the minute you step out of the trees, you have what it takes to get pinpoint accuracy with the high-end magnification. The 5-30X50 gives you a magnification range on a 30” tube that other manufactures put on a much larger platform. This gives you the opportunity to have a high magnification scope for a long-range sheep gun without having excessive weight. The 3-18X50 weighs in at 22-ounces and the 5-30X50 is 26-ounces. Both have parallax adjustment and the large zoom ring is extremely smooth and easy to move from low to high magnification.

Being able to see your target is extremely important to being accurate, but the other thing that is important is trackability of the scope. What this means is when you adjust your scope eight clicks up with 1/4 MOA adjustment as these scopes have, your point of impact should move 2” up at 100 yards or where we usually test at 500 yards is 10”. If your scope doesn’t track, adjusting your turret for long range shots won’t be correct. This isn’t the problem with the V6 series of scopes. We tested them in conjunction with the new Victory RangeFinding binoculars and after having the correct data input into the system, all the up and down as well as horizontal adjustments for windage were exact.

For western hunting and long-range shooting, these two models of V6 scopes are as good as you can get and their low light capabilities are extraordinary. This high-end scope line has a lower magnification unit in the 1-6X24, which has significantly different applications, but is great for dangerous game and closer shots.