Eight Field & Stream stores located in the east will be re-branded as Sportsman's Warehouse stores starting this month after reaching an agreement with Dick's.

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You might think with the vast power of Lake Superior, it's off-limits for kayakers. Unless you know a spot where there’s a barrier island that shields kayakers.


As long as anglers are fighting amongst ourselves, we are an easy target for those that see no value in our sport. An “Us vs. Them” approach is not going to ...


We followed a ridge to the south and then down into a canyon, thick with trees and undergrowth. We sat for a while and then heard a squirrel vocalizing ...


Unless money is no object, don’t go out and drop a bunch of coin on gear you may not need. Instead, sign up and head to a match with equipment you already have.


If you want to kill big bucks, you have to hunt where they live and Colorado is a great place to start. Just flip through a Boone and Crockett record book ...


To beat a pheasant at his own tricks, strategize before driving into the area. Here are four different approaches to take when pitted against savvy roosters ...


At this time of year, we are all looking ahead at hunting seasons. Harvesting a few fish to be enjoyed alongside your wild game meals is a make-sense idea ...

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Taking a mature bull elk with a bow and arrow is possibly one of the hardest yet most rewarding accomplishments in the sporting world, and to me it was a dream.


I had spent 10 days in the Big Sandy Openings in northwest Wyoming enjoying the early fall weather and having a great time fishing for brookies and rainbows ...