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The mission is to rethink and redefine gun care, giving gun owners better and smarter ways to keep their most cherished firearms in the best condition possible.

Shooting Hunting

Sitka Gear has always understood that proper layering is the key to spending more time in the outdoors and the base layer acts as the foundation of that system.

Hunting Fishing Camping Clothing

If you are adhering to a budget and looking for one shotgun that can cover all of your shooting needs, you won't be able to find a better solution than this ...

Hunting Shooting

Long Range and muzzleloader are contradictory terms, but with everyone wanting bigger, better, and faster, it’s not surprising that there is a demand for it ...

Hunting Shooting

The Phone Skope system is a digiscoping adapter that transforms a spotting scope or binoculars into photos or video, by attaching your smartphone to your optic.

Hunting Shooting

Whether it’s your first set of binoculars or your 50th, your glass needs to give you a bright image, feel comfortable in your hands, & be able to take a ...

Hunting Shooting

After burning thousands of rounds at the range, here is real-world testing data of these two cartridges to set the record straight. Each caliber has a purpose.

Hunting Shooting

The Jetstream jacket and has been a dependable and long-time favorite of the Sportsman’s News team. When it is “Go Time”, you will want this jacket with you ...

Hunting Camping Clothing

Designed for the predator and varmint hunter, this pack has a seat, ample storage, a vest, and a kickstand to support your back during long sessions of sitting.


For the waterfowl hunter looking for a comfortable, easy to shoot gun that has a ton of versatility, reliability, & value, take a look at the Affinity 3 Elite.

Hunting Shooting