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We searched high and low for the hottest new products at the National Shooting Sports Foundation's Shooting, Hunting, & Outdoor Trades Show.

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Having an inexpensive-to-shoot clone of your carry gun provides a great deal of versatility in training with your defensive tool. Since people tell me that ...


The VX-Freedom line delivers the versatility you’ll need & that you’ve been asking for in the field. All at one of the best value price points on the market ...

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Testing a binocular in a real-world environment provides you much more than looking at them in the store or even heading out to the parking lot during the day.


If you are looking for a reliable and comfortable semi-auto shotgun with outstanding performance, look no further than the newly redesigned SBE3 from Benelli...

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This gives you GPS loaded with detailed topographic maps for navigation and the ability to stay in contact with anyone back home from anywhere on the planet ...

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Every hunter wants to hunt longer. The Alphaburly Pro makes possible by keeping your feet comfortable no matter the weather conditions, no matter the terrain...

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The Thin Line reticle provides the utmost in intelligence for the long-range hunter and shooter. A lightweight, high-performance product for demanding shooting.

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The Outdoor Edge Razor Safe replaceable blade system gives you the same ease of use in a fixed blade model and have the ability to quickly swap between blades.

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CVA has been our go-to brand for all of our muzzleloaders, when they announced they would be entering the bolt-action rifle market we stood up and took notice.

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