By Kent Danjanovich

Senior Editor

The Sportsman’s News team spends a lot of time each summer in Alaska. The opportunities are seemingly endless, but one thing your must learn is – you need to be prepared.

The following is the Sportsman’s News team's Top 5 list of things that will make your fishing trip to Alaska a whole lot more enjoyable and successful.


Alaska, for the most part, is a wet state so you can count on probably getting rained on during your stay. And believe me, there is nothing more miserable than being miserable because you penny-pinched on rain gear. Today's GORE-TEX materials are lightweight, breathable and will keep you dry in just about any conditions. A good rain jacket is definitely a must!


Some of the upscale lodges will have a supply of waders and wading boots on hand for their guests, but I always take my own along on every trip. I wear them every day, whether on the ocean or on the river, as you will be ready for any weather conditions and because three-quarters of your body will be covered by the waders, your clothes won’t get dirty, helping to reduce the overall amount of clothes you will have to pack for the trip. Also, your waders serve as rain pants, so only a rain jacket is needed when the skies open up.


Truly a fisherman’s best friend. The applications are basically endless; removing hooks from fish, crimping weights, cutting line, the list goes on and on. Longer nosed models come in handy in most cases.


Are you noticing a trend here? Yes, Alaska gets its share of rain and you need to prepare for it. Many of your trips will be for extended hours and you may be in situations where you don’t have a lot of shelter from the elements. A good dry bag is essential to keep the extras you bring along like cameras, food, clothing and more - dry. A wide range of sizes are available, many with built-in backpack straps.


A quality pair of polarized sunglasses are an essential part of any fisherman’s equipment. They will not only help you to read the water and its conditions, but they will also allow you to see beneath the surface for fish activity and for obstacles when wading. And possibly the most important reason for investing in a good pair of sunglasses is the protection that they give you from the sun and the magnified reflection from the water.

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