Anglers are a breed of their own, and sometimes hard to shop for. Most people go for a calendar or “Gone Fishing” wall decoration, but if that seems a little played out to you this year, check out some of these gift ideas. Besides, if all else fails, you can always get a Gift Card and let them pick out exactly what they were hoping for. Our new email Gift Cards are especially handy if your favorite angler is living far away, and conveniently allow you to cut out shipping time and cost! By the way, ship-to-store or any orders over $49 have free shipping!

1. Ice fishing

’Tis the season! For ice fishing, that is. Die-hard anglers don’t let sub-zero temperatures and a few feet of ice slow them down when there’s fish to be caught! Help ice-anglers get down to the fish faster with this Eskimo Mako Power Ice Auger. Figure out what’s going on down there with the Hummingbird Ice 55 Portable Flasher. Get them out of the wind and sitting around with a few friends in the Eskimo Fat Fish 949 Ice Shelter. Hauling all that gear is a cinch with an Otter Sled or help them improve their current sled with this Hyfax Runner Kit. Since you can usually have multiple lines in the water when you’re ice fishing, you can’t go wrong with more rod and reel combos!

2. Float tubes

Float tubes are a great way to get out onto the water without all of the hassle that comes with a traditional boat. As an extra bonus, most of them are light enough to pack up trails to high mountain lakes. Check out the Savage Gear HighRider 150 or upgrade to the Savage Gear HighRider 170 with paddles!.

3. Reels

Is their old reel worn out or just not up to the task anymore? Check out our wide variety of fishing reels that are sure to meet any angler’s needs, like the Daiwa Lexa Type HD Baitcast Reel or the Waterworks Lamson Liquid Fly Reel.

4. Rods

Did they break their rod beyond repair and haven’t replaced it yet? Do they say that their reel would be great if they just had a better rod to put it on? Think about picking them up a St. Croix Mojo Spinning Rod or the Redington Chromer Fly Fishing Rod to get them back out doing what they love most as soon as possible.

5. Rod & reel fly fishing combos

If they’re just getting started with fly fishing, a rod and reel combo is the best option. The Maxxon Stonefly V and Temple Fork TFO NXT combos both come ready with rod, reel, line, and a case so all they need are tippet and flies to be ready to go on that next fishing trip!

6. Fishing packs

Gone are the days of lugging around that awkward and unwieldy tackle box all day, going back and forth to wherever you set it on the riverbank or shore. Fishing packs allow the angler to carry their most important gear with them, no matter how far they wander. Fishpond offers the Waterdance Guide Pack in a lumbar style or the Summit Slingfor over-the-shoulder convenience!

7. Fishing nets

Nets have been used in fishing for thousands of years, and have never outlived their usefulness. Whether you’re looking for a dip net for shrimp, smelt, and shad like the Ranger Products 190 Series, or a landing net like the Fishpond Nomad Native, we’ve got plenty of variety and everything in-between!

8. Cool tools

Last, but not least, are fishing tools and accessories. Mount the handy Rapala Magnetic Tool Combo 2 at home or on the boat. Throw an Eagle Claw Premium Angler’s Tool Kit or G Pucci and Sons Elite Angler Tool Kit into your pack! If they’re interested in getting started with fly tying or looking for a small kit to travel with, consider giving them a Colorado Angler Supply Coachman Fly Tying Tool Kit with all the basics they’ll need.